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OKIB Group of Companies

Seeking, securing, & promoting value-aligned economic development opportunities on the homelands of the sqilx’w people of nk̓maplqs (North end of the Okanagan Lake), for a safer, healthier, & more sustainable community.

Open for business and welcoming all opportunities

The Okanagan Indian Band Group of Companies (OKIBGC) is built to create partnerships that serve the economic interests of the Syilx (Okanagan) people.

sqilx’w Peoples have occupied, cared for, and lived in reciprocity with the lands, waters and resources of our homelands since the time of our Creation Story, through time-perfected social, political and economic systems. We seek to revitalize and honour these systems through contemporary innovation.

The Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) believes that a healthy and prosperous future requires the OKIB to pursue opportunities both on OKIB lands and more broadly on our sqilx’w homelands to support a safer, stronger, healthier, financially abundant community for ‘the People to Be,’ our generations to come.

  • The Story of the OKIB Group of Companies

    The Story of the OKIB Group of Companies

    A community-owned company that will support our syilx dreams The dream for our people often rests in our responsibilities as syilx People to co-create a world that is built on a foundation of our values, ethics and Natural Laws. So just last week Trevor Thera, the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), alongside Tetku Marchand, Business… Read More